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All Aboard - A Global Voyage

Happy to report that we've been engaged to deliver the PR for DARWIN200 Global Voyage for clients Darwin200 Ltd and Dutch Shipping Company, Oosterschelde having worked with the team this spring to design the strategy and plans.

I'm thrilled to be working on this extraordinary initiative which, beyond being a truly intrepid adventure, aims to have a lasting impact and legacy for worldwide conservation.

As a firm believer in the idea that 'experience is everything' I think the plan to upskill and provide a transformative experience to 200 exceptional Darwin Leaders is a brilliant one.

Charles Darwin was only 22 when he set off on the HMS Beagle for a journey that changed his life, and seeded his biggest theories on evolution. The hope is to provide a similarly inspiring opportunity for these 200 young conservation leaders and 640 members of the general public who will join the tall ship as hands-on crew. Read more about the project in some of our press in the UN Chronicle and National Geographic Traveller Magazine.


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