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A new chapter with eXXpedition

Kind words from my dear friends and colleagues at eXXpedition!

We would like to share an enormous gratitude to Larissa Clark, eXXpedition's Head of Communications, for her colossal input to the organisation over the last 6 years.
Her background in high impact PR, media and communications campaigns has allowed our work to reach countless individuals over the years. Though much of her work has been behind the scenes, it has been integral to eXXpedition's success - she is truly the magic that every team needs!
Now embarking on a new and exciting adventure to western Canada with her family, we can't wait to follow her amazing sailing adventures around the Pacific via @thefreerangecrew
Although Larissa is leaving her current day-to-day role with eXXpedition, we’re excited to continue having her on the team to work together on special projects in the future.

Our pioneering voyages and approach at eXXpedition over the years generated a lot of media interest and this helped to highlight the devastating impact of single-use plastic while shaping conversations around solutions to the problem.

During my time heading up the communications we secured over 1,500 pieces of international media coverage, including news reports, specialist in-depth features and interviews across every continent (except Antarctica!).

Media coverage was generated across all channels - print, radio, broadcast, online - from mainstream media to industry and specialist press, including hundreds of media reports from our guest crew and Ambassadors supported by eXXpedition.

Highlights included a featured news documentary on CNN, interviews with TIME Magazine, regular slots on BBC and Sky News to name just a few!

See our Impact Report from eXXpedition Round the World here.

See Media Coverage summary here.


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